• D and S Services

    I've been in business for myself for over 20 years. During that time, I did the advertising and promotion of my business myself. I had a very rudimentary website lacking any professionalism and a free one-line ad in the Yellow Pages. A few months ago we received a phone call from a gentleman named Laukik Patil. At first, I thought to myself “Oh great, another advertising company looking for business .” But after listening to him talk about the advantages of digital advertising, I quickly realized that this wasn't a rehearsed speech he was reading. There was something about his voice, about the way he talked on the phone--not talking to me as a potential customer he has to convince. It was almost like he was already an employee of the company and offering us his opinions rather than trying to sell us on his services. During our extended phone call, I began to trust Laukik and we began to develop a mutual respect for one another. I decided to give Laukik an opportunity to handle the advertising and promotion of my business. He built us a professional website which looks awesome and is more than I expected. Within a month, Laukik was handling all of our advertising in managing our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our Google presence and SEO. We have never been happier or busier! Our business has at least tripled and the phone is always ringing with new customers and almost more work than we can handle. I have nothing but high praise for Laukik. His knowledge, leadership and professionalism are unsurpassed. He goes above and beyond to ensure that I, the customer, not only like the work he does but that I also understand what he is doing and how it's affecting my business. His recommendations and insight are invaluable and greatly appreciated. He's definitely become a permanent and valuable member of our team.

  • J.K Unleashed

    Being a newly opened small business starting on Facebook, we did not know much about building a website. Let alone knowing who the correct web provider would be for us. Originally, we had a website started but no where near where it needed to be, with a web provider very few have heard of. With Laukiks experience and knowledge he was able to find us the perfect fit with a new web provider at a better monthly rate! He took the time to learn and understand our business where as others we have turned to did not show that level of care/customer service. He built a perfect website that displayed who we were at the core. Answered every question and left us feeling very confident. We look forward to working with LXP Digital in the future and we will definitely be referring others.

  • Iron Compass Acupuncture

    Laukik reached out to me through text which I appreciated. We set up a phone call at my convenience and he was clear about what he could provide to me. He had looked at my website and online profiles and had many specific suggestions and recommendations for me to build My business and attract the right audience as potential customers. He has been truly amazing to work with. I couldn’t believe how quickly he worked to get all the changes we discussed up and running. He’s always in communication with me and checking in and we’ve had video meetings where he shows me everything he is doing for me. I’m not very knowledgeable when it come to websites and online media and when he explains things to me it’s always kind and respectful and clear. He is hard working and also extremely personable and shows he cares about helping me create success in my work. I have appreciated the services he has provided so far and plan to continue to work with Laukik over the coming months to keep building my business. Thank you, Laukik!

  • Earth Candy Jewelry

    I would highly recommend.   I thought it would be so hard and really expensive to get a ecommerce store and Laukik has made it so fun .  I will have complete control hw has taught me so much .  Feeling very empowered and hopeful for my future.  He is always available when you need him and does a  excellent job setting everything up and its smooth sailing from here.  I love my website so much far exceeded my expectations.   I would highly recommend him .  Extreme professional  and personable service.  I feel like he really cares about his clients success he enjoys helping others and it shows in everything he says and does.  

  • PDQ 4U Services

    We have only known Mr. Patil for approximately 5 months,however in that time he has shown respect for those of our group that he has worked with. He has also proven on many occasions that he has grasped a
    good understanding on our group of businesses very quickly and
    is able to translate them into very successful digital marketing for our businesses and able to redevelop a much more modern and a more effective web site for us. Our management team are all very seasoned in our area of
    expertise’s and Mr. Patil was able to translate from all of conversations and phone conference meetings to what we needed
    from him very quickly. We also have found him to be very entrepreneurial in his way of
    thinking and can relate very well along that principal as well.

  • Transnational Immigration

    Laukik was very easy to work with. He asked the right questions and offered insightful advice. His experience with small businesses is evident in the knowledge he shared with me. He was very easy to communicate with and was able to deliver exactly what I asked for. I love the final result and am very impressed with how user friendly the website is.

  • Migenetic Nutrition

    Laukik has a very deep analytical approach towards your business needs. The result is a well calculated & best suited strategies to Digitally Market & Promote your business ideas. Laukik also is very sensitive to your design needs. Laukik and LxP Digital is the link between reaching the target audience & your business

  • Classic Touch Renovations

    Laukik from LxP digital was able to maximize PPC in Facebook. he also explained to me how he achieved that while targeting the intended demographics. I am very pleased with his services.

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