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Social Media Management

24.1 Million Canadians have a Facebook Account

Do you ever wonder why the corporations pay so much to advertise during the Superbowl? The answer, everybody is watching.

With Facebook/Instagram being the biggest social media platforms in Canada, why not use it to reach audiences you didn't even know of?

Here at LxP Digital we use this powerful stat in order to grow your business. We will help you gain brand awareness, generate leads and sales by one of the two ways:

  • Social Media Presence - This is where we grow your following organically so that you have free advertising to the people interested in your services.

  • Paid Advertising - One of the most powerful forms of advertising today, you can literally target specific neighborhoods, demographics and interests to reach you ideal customers. This is the fastest way to grow you business digitally.

All of your customers and clients are online!

We don't have to tell you that the world has shifted to the digital realm. Pretty much anything you can think of can be done online, from signing up for a marathon to purchasing your favorite pair of sneakers

For every business, a website has become a digital storefront. Just like any store in the mall, users (customers) who have an interest in you niche are looking to see what you have to offer. Its not window shopping anymore, its site hopping. Users are able to gather so much information digitally, especially in a short amount of time. Your website has to be able to present them with all the information they need as well as have a memorable impression.

We take pride in our web design projects. We want to ensure that you are as satisfied as your customers would be. We will do as many iterations as required in order meet your vision and objectives. Upon completion, your website will be optimized for ranking on Google.

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