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From as far back as I remember, I've always had a natural curiosity about life. From a quick search on Google, the term I can relate to is "multipotentialite". I love learning new things and this helps me do that just. Not only am I able to learn from my clients but I am also able to share with them (non-confidential) insights that I have gathered from my experience working with other businesses.

Laukik Patil

Founder, LxP Digital

Elegant Abstract Background




Upon completion of my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering (Hons.), not only did I learn engineering concepts but I also gained technical skills like coding, database architecture and Excel. These technical skills became useful to kick off my corporate career.

With no luck of landing a engineering job right out of school, I used my techincal skills to get a Data Analyst role in an insurance company.  After completing a Data Analytics course and developing management skills, I was able to transition to a Business Analyst job.  Then, leveraging my skillset, I was able to land a Operations Analyst job at a large international bank.

I've always wanted to build my own business. Since 20, I have had 5 failed business endeavours. However, in those, I learned about marketing, business and mindset. With this holistic experience, I love to help business owners grow thier business online.

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